Increased Circulation

As you buckle into a traditional four-buckle ski boot, the forefoot buckles apply a downward force onto the top of your foot. This downward pressure also affects the blood flow to your feet and causes reduced circulation. The reduced blood flow not only has an effect on the warmth of your feet but also, can cause numbness and makes for a lousy day on the mountain.

So how does today’s skier overcome this problem? The most common way is to keep your boots loose while at the bottom of the mountain or in the lift line. When at the top of mountain, skiers then re-buckle their boots, go down the mountain and un-buckle them again. This is behavior is repeated throughout the day and by the last run, your feet are tired and you’re ready to get out of the boots.

At Zay our solution is different. We want you to enjoy a full day of skiing without hassle and discomfort. Our innovative approach wraps two stainless cables around the outer shell of the boot and gently applies 360° of uniform pressure around the foot. While skiing, the radial closure system dynamically adjusts the tension throughout the day, keeping your foot secure, your blood flowing and warm feet. Did we mention all day comfort?

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The majority of arteries are on top of the forefoot.