How does having a larger toe box help with warmer feet? Today’s ski boots are more about style rather than function and the toe box is no exception.

Present toe box styles are low volume in height and narrow. This style of configuration does not allow any wiggle room for the toes but more over, forces both the big and little toes into unnatural position causing reduced circulation and cold toes.

The shape of the Zay toe box is intentional and has a great effect on the warmth of your feet. By allowing the toes to naturally spread, not only is circulation increased and the toes are warmer but also, your foot stance is wider and provides for better balance and greater power through turns.

Using a thermal Imaging camera, the toes on the left foot indicate reduced blood flow and are dark in color (purple). The toes on the right foot are lighter in color (yellow), which indicates an increase in blood flow. Greater blood flow = warmer feet, less complaints and a better day on the mountain. Thermal image by courtesy of

Other benefits obtained by a larger toe box: increased balance, greater tactile feedback, reduced foot fatigue.

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