Zay’s Radial closure system gently but firmly wraps 360°of support around the forefoot and automatically self-adjusts the tension during skiing. This self-adjusting system not only provides the best in class forefoot support but allows for better circulation and warmer feet. The 130 model is nimble as a cat and is quick edge to edge and delivers powerful precise fun, all day long.
Flex: 130 lower shell and cuff
Last: 98mm
Size: 260/265/270/275
Graphics: Blue/Water Drop
Canting: 0-2°
Zeppa angle: 6.2°
Shell: Polyether polyurethane, with EPE technology
Liner: Stealth fit, ½ size, open cell
Power Strap: Expert/Racer Booster® 40 mm width, cam buckle, Anti-slip power strap grip
Cuff buckle: Alloy micro-adjustable
Back buckle: Dual micro adjustable with pull tab
Zeppa: Performance dual density
Spoiler: Velcro adjustable
Toe box: 7% larger than all other ski boots in the 98 last category
Cables: Stainless aircraft cables with anti-abrasion nylon sheath
Zay Radial closure is a dynamic self-adjusting ski boot system, which incorporates EPE (Elastic Potential Energy) polymer technology. Our specially blended polyurethane outer shell remains flexible at the most extreme temperatures. In addition, our dual density Zeppa has a built in dimmer switch providing greater control and delivering extraordinary performance.

130 Water Drop


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