Ed Chalmers

Chemical Engineer, Inventor of Radial Closure

For more than 30 years, Ed Chalmers has influenced the ski boot industry through innovative engineering and product “firsts.” He is the inventor or co-inventor of 9 ski boot related patents and was highly influential in the development of ski boot dimensional standards for improving safety. His extensive experience includes supporting ski boot designers with new technologies, like the radial closure technology used in Zay ski boots.

Ed’s career began with pioneering work for Lange Company, Broomfield CO. He was the director of engineering and responsible for industrial design, product development, and production tooling. Chalmers and his team were responsible for introducing such hallmark breakthroughs as, the first plastic ski boot, the original Lange Banshee, and the very successful XL-1000 and XLR series with XL buckle design.

In 1983, after 15 years working in Italy, Switzerland and the U.S. for Lange, Chalmers moved to Boulder, CO and founded the Osprey Radial Sport Company. He also played a major role in the extraordinary growth of in-line skating as Vice President of Manufacturing and Development for Rollerblade when the company first began.

Chalmers currently resides in Las Vegas, NV and is involved in a number of consulting adventures. He is adept in all aspects of the ski boot business including marketing, product development, industrial design, production tooling, manufacturing, supply change management, and quality assurance.

Bruno Borsoi

Designer, Product Development

Bruno’s love for mountain skiing started when he was four years old and after 50 years is stronger than ever. As a Ski instructor, Bruno has spent almost his entire working career within major worldwide ski boots companies like Nordica, Salomon, Tecnica and Dal Bello, with an interlude at Ferrari.

He has managed different business activities, 15+ years experience with consumer products in Global R&D Environment as a technical manager (with over 30 patents registered under his name), style and creativity management, product design and molds design for thermoplastic components, marketing promotion of in-line skates, product management for the launch of Killer Loop and Salomon snowboard boots, budget and business responsibility of Salomon snowboard activity in Italy.

In addition, Bruno has a strong attitude towards innovation and team work, with focus on objectives and problem solving. He has a sound experience in leading cross-functional teams to meet the four major goals of every project: product performance, product cost, project schedule, and project budget. He currently resides in Vittorio Veneto, Italy.

Sven Coomer

Designer, Biomechanics

Sven Coomer is the ski boot designer behind many iconic boot-fitting products that have changed ski history, including Superfeet insoles, removable liners, ZipFit custom fit liners and the Hot Gear heated boot bag.

Sven was born and schooled in Sydney, Australia. He represented Australia in Modern Pentathlon at the 1956 Olympics and studied industrial design at the Technical Institute in Stockholm. In 1970, after 25 years of competing and coaching at the Olympic level, Sven began designing and developing ski boots with Nordica. Just eight years later, he opened a ski boot fitting and orthotics development shop at Mammoth Mountain, California.

During this time, Sven developed the famous Superfeet orthotics and shell remolding tools that founded a new era in boot customizing and retail shops. He also combined his passion for skiing with studies in engineering and industrial design to introduce biomechanics to the ski industry.

In 1996 Sven sold his interest in Superfeet and focused on the development, patent and production of the ZipFit® silicone injection (SPS) system. He holds several patents specific to orthotic, molding and fitting systems for inner-boots, including the ZipFit® orthotics system and ZipFit® “Kinesthetic Orthotic.” Sven currently resides in Aspen, Colorado.

Clinton Percy

Engineer, Designer, Cad, Solid Surfacing

Clinton Percy is a skilled designer and mechanical engineer. He has a keen ability to turn conceptual ideas with complex requirements into tangible models. As the CAD designer for Zay, he combines this skill with his experience in surface modeling to create everything from the outer shell to the hardware of the Zay ski boot.

Clinton had a passion for skiing since living in Germany as a young child. In 1998, he moved to Colorado and reconnected with the mountains. He began his career as an Engineering Manager for Advanced Coordinate Technology (ACT) and worked in reverse engineering. He also did inspection work to ensure quality control for turbine blades. In 2004, he moved to Rapid Pro Manufacturing, which specializes in prototyping and product development. In 2009, Clinton launched Logan Product Development LLC. As the founder, he has successfully brought a variety of projects from inception to deliverable goods through his CAD designs.

Clinton is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys soccer, mountain biking and skiing. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from LSU and lives in Windsor, CO with his wife and three children.

Proof of Concept

Design, Last Engineering, Biomechanics

Proof of Concept, Inc. (POC) is dedicated to moving ideas from concept to production in the footwear industry. Every member of the team brings 15-30 years of experience to the company by working for major industry leaders like Nike, Adidas, Avia and Airwalk. As athletic footwear veterans, their experience in prototyping and production has instrumental to the launching the Zay ski boot in the marketplace.

POC was founded in 2009 and is based out of Vancouver, WA. The three-person group has significant knowledge in last development, pattern engineering and construction, 3D CAD modeling, mold making and bringing products to market. They recognize the advantage of creating a new ski boot with advanced footwear technologies and are committed to guiding Zay through production and beyond.

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